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My medic impression

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:44
by Hound

I seek some help to improve my impression as a medic from the 82nd Abn. Div. 505th PIR. I'm currently reading the book "Doc McIlvoy and his parachute medics" from the "The way we were" series which is a great source ofc, but i still like to ask around a few questions. Also i beg your pardon for my english because i tend to do stupid mistakes when it comes to spelling.

Here are a few pics of what i have atm:
Not really visible on the pic but i have a reinforced M42 jumpsuit with 2 medic armbands (one on my left arm, and i usually put the other one on my right medic bag) and standard jumpboots ofc as the base of my equipment, also there is only 1 canteen visible here, i have another one as well. I also use an M3 knife with M6 scabbard because i find it easier to cut uniforms open with it then with the scissors. (nope, don't worry im not running around trying to stab krauts while my friends slowly die from bleeding out, i burned my gunpowder when i was s.d.m.)

Some close ups from the gear visible up there:
Image Image Image

As you can see most of them are reproductions made by me and my friends (only the 4 absorbent cotton's are original), all the others were printed from old photos i found online. Any help would be great if you have some PDF-s i could use to improve my equipment, if you have some, please send them to! (I appriciate any PDF you can send from beerbottle labels to plasma box markings, but please keep in mind my first goal now i want to build up my 'combat medic' gear) If you see something i terribly miss from my bags tell me please!

Also i have a question about bags, i have the standard 2 medic bags but i feel like i could use some extra space, i read that medics usually grabbed any bags they could get from demo bags up to the thompson extra mag bag, but i still would like your oppinion what would be the best choice (easiest to move with, best carrying capacity)? Should i buy M1936 suspenders and a Musette pack, or is there any other suggestion?

Thanks for the answers in advance, and go get a cookie, you deserve it for reading trough my awfully long post!

Re: My medic impression

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 23:50
by sgtpeter
Salute Mate (sorry I never figured out how to get accent marks from this US keyboard)!

and welcome to the forum! Its always good to see young folks interested in keeping the history and memory alive. From your pics, it looks like you have a good start on your impression. We all hope you continue to share your questions and information here for all to enjoy.

There are quite a few reproduction boxes and other medical items here on the forum. If you haven't done so already, check out this link. As for the question of bags, Soldiers (including medics) will make due with what they can find. If that means a GP bag or musette bag, so be it. Most of the photos I have seen have only included the standard bags. If you want to portray 505th, you'll want to use photos of those guys as your model. Different units could have different equipment as a result of command philosophy or supply.

Good luck!

Re: My medic impression

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:48
by Hound
Thanks for the link, i already checked them but sadly most of the files from there are missing. I applied to Doc_Hoovie's Yahoo group now to see if i can find some of them there (waiting for approval).

Re: My medic impression

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 16:21
by Andrewb
Hi Mate


I have a few projects made from scans of some of my original items that I will shortly put up on the site. I am trying to find time to finish the details but hopefully it will be soon so keep checking.

If there are any in particular of the missing files you are interested in, Let me know and I will see if I can find them for you.

I noticed you had a reproduction plaster of Paris box and gauze bandage box in your photos. Do you have any of the PDFs of these you can share?


Re: My medic impression

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 20:50
by Ranger-Cpt
Kits looking good but I'd shave the goatee beard off! :wink:

Re: My medic impression

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 14:07
by Hound
Andrew i will tell my brother to send me over the PDF-s from my old pc and i will upload them to the site asap, also i will check what else i have in stock to add!

On the matter of my facial hair i usually use Sgt. Oakley M. Ruth's famous and totally over-used photo (nearly every book ever published on the MP44 has this picture) to justify myself, but don't worry, for bigger events i usually shave it off :wink: