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My WC-54 Ambulance

Sat Dec 16, 2006 19:02

First let me thank the webmasters for this wonderful site. It will be a tremendous resource to the medical reenacting community!
I am so pleased to be the first to post a photo!

I have been collecting WWII medical gear for nearly 10 years, and only discovered reenacting about 3 years ago! I reenact as a combat surgeon at living hisory events, and have a Battalion Aid Station which I set up for display.

2 weeks ago one of my lifelong dreams was fulfilled!
After decades of wishing, but then stalling and stalling, I am finally the proud owner of a 1942 WC54 Ambulance! :D
She is a 6 year old restoration.

I'll post more photos when I get a chance. Now I need to learn how to Double-Clutch!

Let me know if anyone needs specific shots of her.
Thanks for looking!


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Sat Dec 16, 2006 20:20


That sure is a great looking truck. Sincerest thanks for taking the time to post it on our website.

Thanks also for your kind words regarding the website. I hope that you find something useful on here.


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Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:17

Jeeze, that thing is beautiful! I'd like to see a picture of me behind the wheel of one of those bad boys some day. Seriously, she's very nice. Any more photos you could share would be great. Thanks!

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