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Military & Flying Machines, 4 & 5th August 2012.

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:34
by rgb
Military & Flying Machines, 4 & 5th August 2012.

The Essex MVT is happy to announce the dates for the 2012 Military & Flying Machines show at Damyns Hall. 2011 was a another massive show, and application forms for 2012 can be found on our website or by dropping me an email at

Living history groups from all eras are welcome, we normally attract groups from the medieval camp right through to Afghanistan, and there is plenty of room for everyone. Singletons and period civilians are also very welcome! You do not have to book a pitch and display in a trench to be a part of the show. We are more than happy to accommodate those who like to mingle with the crowd.

There will, as usual be entertainment on Friday and Saturday night in our marquee which is completely free to enter, there will more details soon on the website

All the best,

Re: Military & Flying Machines, 4 & 5th August 2012.

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:27
by rgb
Military & Flying Machines, 4 & 5th August 2012.
Hundreds of Military vehicles and displays, so including tanks, halftracks, and much more!
Living History displays and presentations depicting military scenarios in realistic settings throughout the ages
Arena displays and battles for Damyns Hall!
A wide range of collector’s stalls,
And for the first time "Present Arms" a military modelling exhibition and model fair taking place in a massive marquee, presented in conjunction with the MAFVA, the premier military modelling organisation
There will, as usual, be entertainment on Friday and Saturday night in our marquee which is completely free to show participants.

In The Air,
Saturday Display
Lancaster (BBMF)
Spitfire (BBMF)
Hurricane (BBMF)
Spitfire (Spirit of Kent)
Jungmeister (Landing)
ME 108 (Landing)
Sunday Display
Lancaster (BBMF)
Spitfire (Spirit of Kent)
Hurribomber (or Kittyhawk)
Jungmeister (Landing)
ME 108 (Landing)

Living History,
The Red Ball Express-- A massive WW2 logistics display
FJR2.-- WW2 German Paratroops
Feldgendarmerie 39 - 45.-- WW2 German field police
The U-Boat society.-- WW2 U-Boat crew
FJ44.-- German WW2 Paratroopers and DRK Nurses
The Green Howards.-- WW2 British Infantry
Thorpe Camp radio Group.-- Working Field Comms 1990 – present
The Blitzer’s.-- 1940's civilians
Das Heer.-- WW2 German Infantry
Queens Royal Regiment-- British Expeditionary Force 1940
Guards at War.-- WW2 British Infantry
Essex at War.-- WW2 British civilians
Battle for Europe.-- WW2 British Infantry
Panzer Lehr.-- WW2 Elite German Infantry
Hatfield Home Guard.-- WW2 Home Guard unit
The Frontline Association.-- WW2 German Aircrew and DRRK Nurses
The Luftwaffe Society.-- WW2 German Airforce
The Ex-Military Land Rover Association.-- Military Landrovers 1948 to date
2/KP Panzer Grenadier Gross Deutschland.-- German panzer Grenadiers 1943-44
25th. Bomb Disposal Co. Royal Engineers.-- WW2 Bomb Disposal
Luftwaffe Airfield Re-enactment group.-- WW2 German Airforce
Field of Fire.-- WW2 US Army
Northants 40's.-- WW2 Civilians
Ruckmarsch Kompanie.-- The German Retreat Normandy 1944
Many Fronts' Luftwaffe LHG.-- Luftwaffe 1943 – 45
Ordinary People.-- WW2 Civilians
UK Tank Club Radio control large scale model armour
Purfleet Heritage Centre History of RAF Hornchurch
Ground running aircraft engines
Stationary engines
Fairground rides
Tank rides
Helicopter rides
Pleasure flights

Fancy coming along? Book in or give us a call!

Show Organiser
Colin Tebb - 01245 476249

Re-enactors/ Displays
Richard Brew - 01245 328910

Vehicle Entries
Mike Batt - 07802 761626

Publicity & Stalls
Tracey Brew -07903 104102