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Bigger, Longer, Better…The Military & Flying Machines Show

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:22
by rgb
Bigger, Longer, Better…The Military & Flying Machines Show 2013!!

The Military & Flying Machines Show is growing again! We are very excited to announce that we are extending the show over three very full days! We will open the 2013 show on Friday 2nd August with our preview day, it’s a day to get a taste of what’s to come over the weekend, then we go into full swing on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August with our full aerial displays returning to the skies, all day arena activities load of action and big bangs and fantastic live entertainment, living history displays, military and classic vehicles and all the usual stuff that you have come to love...

Every week we are getting more living history displays and vehicles booking in along with updates on the flying schedule, so don’t miss the latest news, keep track of what’s happening on our facebook page or on the website.

To download the 2013 booking in forms visit or email me at

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Re: Bigger, Longer, Better…The Military & Flying Machines Sh

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 13:01
by rgb
If you are thinking of coming, get booked in pretty soon as space is now almost all gone.
Check the website to see all the other stuff going on...

as well as almost 300 vehicles booked in,
The Living History groups now attending are...

Guards at War WW2 British Infantry
Thorpe Camp radio Group Working Field Comms 1990 – present
The Luftwaffe Society WW2 German Airforce
Essex at War WW2 British civilians
Panzer Lehr WW2 Elite German Infantry
Ruckmarsch Kompanie The German Retreat Normandy 1944
Deuce Airborne Mortar crew 1943-45
Lest We Forget WW1 tank crew
Queens Royal Regiment British Expeditionary Force 1940
Das Heer WW2 German Infantry
The Battles of 1066 Battle of Hastings c1066
Battlegroup Bandits British Army - Gulf war to present day.
OHMS Signals Display Working British Army Radio unit
UK Tank Club Radio control large scale model armour
Field of Fire WW2 US Army
The Field Ambulance Ambulance History Display 1972 - 1990
Allied and Axis Airborne WW2 Airborne equiment display
Unknown Warriors WW2 Armoured vehicle collection
Heer Gruppe German Casualty clearing station with nurses
Battle for Europe WW2 British Infantry
Shackleton Nose section
The Ex-Military Land Rover Association Military Landrovers 1948 to date
HERTFORDSHIRE Home Guard Home Guard unit1939-1945
Spearfish Creek The American Wild West'
Luftwaffe Airfield Re-enacment group WW2 German Airforce
Northants 40's WW2 Civillians
7th Air cavalry US Troops in Vietnam 1968 to 1969
FJ44 German WW2 Paratroopers and DRK Nurses
416th Rifle Regiment Russian Infantry at Stalingrad
Home front truckers 1940's Home Front
390 Recce Squadron Modern British Army
MECO Royal Ulster Rifles in Borneo 1964-1965
RAF Hornchurch Display History of RAF Hornchurch
Saints with Dirty Faces WW2 US 82nd Airborne
Wartime Sweathearts RAF Pilot and Wife
The dodgers Vehicle and kit display
FJR2 WW2 German Paratroops Leros 1943
Suffolk Living History British Troops in Normandy D-Day +1
Za Oboronu WW2 Red Army Infantry
Utility Jude Ministry of Food advice center
US 29th Infantry C Company US WW2 Infantry 1944-45
USAAF Armourer and aviation mechanics WW2 USAAF Display
The Devils in Red Adriatic Land Forces
The DAK-UBS Arika Corps 1941-43
There and back again WW2 British North Africa 1941-45
2nd Airborne Btn-The Ox and Bucks Pre D-Day, Mortar platoon in training
Pete Smith collection
Rick Curtis collection
Tony Corbin collection
Lee Wheatly Collection

GD Recon Division WW2 German Reconnaisance Troops
The Garrison WW2 British Artillery
military muckabout
RAF Manston
Norfolk Tank Museum
CFLHG Croatian Forces Living History Group
Medieval Group
Cam O Lot
Red Alliance
Rifles recruitment
Tiger tamers British and American kit 1944/45
Royal Logistics Corp

Plus in the air...

Harvard (Air display and static)
Jungmeister (Air display and static)
ME108 (Air display and static)
ME108 (Air display and static)
Jungmann (Air display and static)
Tiger Moth (Air display and static)
Huey (Air display and static)
Stearman (Air display and static)
Piper Cub (Air display and static)