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Operation Market Garden 2009

Thu Jul 10, 2008 07:21

Hello Guys,

At the 18th September 2009 we have a Red Cross display at the 82nd
AB-Division DZ near Overasselt.Pathfinder Holland will dropped out of two
Dakotas near this DZ.The Groene Groep will be there to with Red-Cross tents and Dodge WC54 and WC64 vehicles.Also Jeeps,harleys and GMC
joins us.When you are interested to be with us,please contakt me at;
haccpATwanadoo.nl,or look at; http://www.groenegroep.nl

At the 19th September we will be at Driel for remember the Polish Airbornes of Gen.Stanislaw Sosabowski.At DZ-K,North of Driel,Pathfinder
Holland jump out two Dakotas.At the camp-site we build a small Red-Cross camp.

regards Jaap
We have displays on airfields and driving memorial tours in Holland.

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