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Essex MVT Military and Flying Machines Show

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 13:24
by rgb
Hello Everyone,
It’s time for me to start promoting the 2011 Essex MVT Military and Flying Machines Show again!

The show will be held on the 6th and 7th of August at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster, Essex.

Last year about 17,000 public saw over 250 military vehicles from Land rovers and jeeps up to a dragon wagon and an M40 SPG, air displays by the Lancaster, Spitfires, the BBMF, the B17 and many more rare and unusual aircraft and Living History displays covering all era’s including the Medieval camp, WW1, WW2, Korea, Northern Ireland and beyond, and I would really like to build on this.

There will be the marquee and bar with some sort of free entertainment for the Saturday night, either a DJ or a band (or both!)

Pictures of last year’s show can be found at
Essex MVT Website

PhotoBox Pro

UK Airshow Review

Show photos by "Messy Beast" ... 886111266/


Singletons and period civilians are very welcome!

You do not have to book a pitch and display to be a part of the show. We are more than happy to accommodate those who like to mingle with the crowd. If you would like to book a place for 2011 please fill out the form

http://www.militaryandflyingmachines.or ... ctors.html

and send it in, and if you have any questions or know anyone that you think might be interested in our show, please drop me a line at or give me a call on 01245 328 910 any evening or visit
All the best

Re: Essex MVT Military and Flying Machines Show

Posted: Wed May 04, 2011 16:15
by rgb

I just thought I would send out an update on the 2011 Military and Flying Machines show. Yet again the show has increased on last year’s numbers, and we will now expand into a 3rd field. We will have free entertainment for all participants on Friday the 5th of august in the main Marquee, consisting of the fabulous Annie Andrews singing live and a DJ playing us right through the decades from 1950 onwards. Saturday will see the Polka Dot Girls, the Breton entertainers, a 1940’s style Big Band and Annie Andrews, and Saturday night we have Texas Tommy providing the music and A2 jive providing the dancing! And all FREE!

On the ground, we have an anticipated 250+ Military vehicles, with lots of Armour including

Sherman Firefly
2 Hellcat tank destroyers
Russian T72
Russian T34
M40 Self Propelled Gun
Dragon wagon armoured recovery and Sherman
US half track
Scorpion reconnaissance tank
2 Stuart reconnaissance tank
Panzer mk3 replica
Honey turret-less reconnaissance tank
Daimler Armoured Car
Daimler Dingo

and some vehicles that you just won’t normally see outside of a museum or in one or two cases anywhere else at all!

And in the air we have

The Kent Spitfire
1938 Jungmeister
P51 Mustang pair (Yes two of them!)
Messerschmitt 108
"Sally B" The B17 Flying Fortress
Harvard, (you can also book ‘training’ flights in this WW2 Aircraft!)
Eindecker WW1 fighter

With many more visiting aircraft, including the Auster club, there will be a lot of interesting planes parked around the airfield!

As for living history, the confirmed groups attending are,

Thorpe Camp radio Group - Working Field Comms 1990 – present
Feldgendarmerie 39 - 45 - WW2 German field police
1940's Radio Broadcast Live - 1940's style internet radio broadcast
The Green Howards - WW2 British Infantry
Battle for Europe - WW2 British Infantry
UK Tank Club - Radio control large scale model armour
VAD British Red Cross - WW2 Nurse
390 Recce Sqdn - British Army c1970
FJ 39-45 - WW2 German Paratroops
Panzer Lehr - WW2 Elite German Infantry
Vickers Machine Gun Society - WW1 British Infantry
Anderson Shelter Enthusiasts - Anderson Shelter Display
Many Fronts' Luftwaffe LHG - WW2 Luftwaffe Aircrew
The U-Boat society - WW2 U-Boat crew
Guards at War - WW2 British Infantry
Essex at War - WW2 British civilians
The Ex-Military Land Rover Association - Historic Military Vehicle Club
Battle for Britain - Luftwaffe Airfield Display
Field of Fire - WW2 US Army
Das Heer - WW2 German Infantry
Hatfield Home Guard - WW2 Home Guard unit
The Officers Mess - WW2 Display
A2 Jive Swing dance group - Swing Dance Demonstrations and lessons
Reconnaissance Scouts Group - WW2 Russian Scouts
The Frontline Association - WW2 German Aircrew and DRRK Nurses
Northants 40's - WW2 Civilians
At Home - WW2 Civilians
Ordinary People - WW2 Civilians
Arnhem 44 - British Paratroopers at Arnhem 1944
The British Army - Royal Logistic Corp
East Anglian Fighting Vehicles Group - Historic Military Vehicle Club
Excalibur Unit - Historic Military Vehicle Club
Airfix - Road Show
Newham Military Group - Historic Military Vehicle Club
Jammie Dodgers - Historic Military Vehicle Club
USAAF Armourer and aviation mechanics - WW2 USAAF Display complete with a B17 engine. This massive display is rarely seen in all its glory and we are very lucky to have them come along

A huge Militaria fair
The Royal Army Service Corp Museum
The Royal Logistics Corps
Tank rides for the public on an ‘Abbot’ and a ‘432’ fighting vehicle
First World War Trench Experience, including a simulated ‘Gas Attack’
Replica V1 ‘Doodlebug’
Live 1940's style Radio Broadcast from the show on
Free swing dance lessons from the famous A2 Jive dance instructors
A dedicated Veterans’ area with free Tea, Coffee and cold drinks
The UK Tank Club with their large scale RC Tanks
25 pound artillery guns – Firing!
Firepower Demonstrations in the arena
Tank Rides
Heavy Tracked Armour and the popular ‘Armoured Column’ both afternoons
Children’s ‘Mini Jeep’, ‘Mini Landrover’ and ‘Mini Tank’ rides.
Pleasure flights
Helicopter rides
Stationary Engines
Static ground running aircraft engines
Steam Engines
Classic Cars

Why not get on site on Friday morning, and really make a weekend of it!

If you have any questions, please drop me a line at or give me a call on 01245 328 910 any evening or visit
All the best