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Doc! Medic Impression (1st Mar. Div and 82nd ABN)

Thu Apr 17, 2008 22:29

Here are my pictures of my gear from my two impressions. They are not finished Impressions, but I though you might like to see.

My M-1 Helmet, without Decals but with F/A packet. (I am getting Decal Helmet soon.) ... ear002.jpg

Leggings, M-1938 ... ear003.jpg

M-1936 Musette Bag ... ear004.jpg

M-1910 Canteen Cover ... ear005.jpg

My M-1 Helmet (Same helmet, but with USMC Helmet Cover): ... SMC001.jpg

3rd Pattern USMC Canteen Cover: ... SMC002.jpg

Now, I haven't taken pictures of all my gear, so here is my list of things (Good for beginners, I have been researching for a long time on this)

82nd Airborne:

M43 Field Uniform
Two Medic Bags with Inserts, Type 1
M1C Helmet, With Decals
Roughout Boots
M36 Leggings
M36 Musette Bag
Plasma and IV
Parachute First Aid Kit

1st Marine Division:

[color=red]P41 Uniform Set
M-1 Helmet with Cover
USMC Pistol Belt
3rd Pattern Canteen Cover an Two 1st Pattern
USN Corpsman Pouches and Yoke
Medic Gear and inserts
USMC First Aid Pouch
Technician 5th Grade, 3rd Infantry Division
WWII Airsoft Association

Combat Record
- Mignano Gap, Italy (2008)

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