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WW2 Medical Items Numbers

Sun Mar 18, 2007 15:23

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help us with the following : assuming that you all have read our Article dealing with "Morphine" and seen the illustrations included in the texts, Ben and I are desperately looking for the official Item Numbers designating "5 Syrettes Non-Sterile Water" - "6 Syrettes Solution of Morphine Tartrate" - "6 Morphine Syrettes & 1 Iodine Applicator" . While we do know (see texts and database) the WW2 Item Nos for the 1 Morphine Syrette Box as well as the 5 Morphine Syrettes Box, we still haven't been able to find those for the items listed above ! So, if any of you guys happen to have the information, please step forward !

Wanted : original or copy of the "Army-Navy Catalog of Medical Materiel - July 1947 - published by the Army - Navy Medical Procurement Office , Pearl & Sands Sts. , Brooklyn , N.Y.

Thanks and kind regards to all of you,
Alain :(

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