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Aid station Medic

Tue Jun 11, 2013 04:34

Okay, guys. I finally have thought of a question to ask. At my last event, I was the only Allied medic there, taking care of 40 other allied soldiers. Now, we have a new guy coming in soon, but he's still flexible with his impression. Since our C/NCO is leaving, and he's the only one that knows anything about engineering stuff, I decided to get him to do medical department with me. Now, the way we envisioned this working, was that he was to portray a medic that is stationed at a battalion aid station not too far away. We then thought that they would just give him a bag that had carlisles, triangulars, & IV's and send him on his way. Oh, and he would have a litter. How accurate/inaccurate would that be?
Doc Bob

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Re: Aid station Medic

Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:54

Hi Bob.

It sounds like you are trying to find a scenario where several medics would be with a relatively small unit (about 40 soldiers in your case).

The medical support to front line units was provided by medical detachments. In the case of an infantry battalion, direct support was provided by the medical detachment called the battalion medical section. It consisted of 2 officers and 36 other ranks. It was divided into 3 parts:-
1) battalion aid station group (2 officers and 11 other ranks). It is the command element and it's personel form the Battalian aid station.
2) company aid group. Provides medics to directly support the troops at 3 medics per company. It appears to be one of these that you are portraying as a medic along side roughly a platoon of combat troops.
3) litter bearer group (12 other ranks). These stretcher bearers are under the control of the battalion aid station and are deployed as needed to evacuate casualties to the battalian aid station and also provide guidance to the walking wounded as to the location of the aid station.

Although members of the aid station would generally remain within its vicinity operating it there are of course variation. As a possible suggestion have you considered your new member portray a stretcher bearer operating forward to evacuate casualties?

As for equipment have you had a look at the section on medical items - individual medical kits kits for medical privates. As you say he also will be carrying a litter.

Others may have different ideas or corrections for what I have suggested.

Hope this helps.


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