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Seeking 1st Ranger Btn. Surgeon

Tue Nov 17, 2015 08:40

Actually I've already found him. What I am seeking is more knowledge on how medical units were run and to search for more records of unit movements. Capt. Sheldon Sommers. Doc Sommers pulled my father off the line for "Battle Fatigue" after 12 mos. as a rifleman in the 1st Ranger Btn. That was in Italy, sometime before the 1st got wiped out at Cisterna.(1/30/44). Dad then drove for Doc Sommers as a truck driver and ambulance driver and earned a CMB. Both men are are included in rosters of the Rangers, FSSF and 474th through Norway. Not sure if a first post can attach but I'll try. A 474th letter authorizing the CMB and listing the recipients and the retroactive date of their award.

Darn, page 1 was too big and it's too late.



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