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WWII hospital in Bath England

Mon Sep 19, 2016 07:21

My father was wounded on March 4, 1945 in Dudeldorf, Germany. He was in the 34th evac hospital Luxenbourg city and then shipped to the 141st general hospital in bath england. We are traveling to both areas and would be interested in seeing the building in Bath (or area) where the hospital was as well as the one in Luxenborg. Does anyone have any information regarding either of these to hospitals? I got this information from my dad's book, G'I've been Around issued by the Army and my father filled out the area of his personal chronology. Any information would be greatly appreciated, or a direction of where we might find more information as well either in England or Luxemborg. Thank you!

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Re: WWII hospital in Bath England

Sat Oct 08, 2016 13:14

Hello, I stumbled on question whilst researching 298th US General Hospital, Stationed in Frenchay, Bristol. Side tracked as usual I though I would have a dig around for you.
What I have found about the 141st is that they were actually based in the Garrison Town of Devizes at the time your father was there. The 141st Gen Hospital was located in, Prince Maurice Barrack, London Road Devizes. 20 miles SW of Bath. Sadly the barracks were demolished in 1987. I am happy to help you in any possible should you want me to. Please feel free to email me I could look into possible millary museums in Devizes that may hold info as actually I live not far from Devizes. Also you would not be wasting your time going to the area as there is plenty to see and do.

Kind Regards Paul

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