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unit shirts - gifts for the Holidays

Sat Nov 10, 2012 20:09

Every year at the Holidays, my kids would ask me what I wanted for my hobby. Somehow they never did find me that USMC 1942 Springfield with the Sedgely barrel and that funny Unertil scope that I wanted, or the folding Mountain litter, but they always wanted to find SOMETHING they could give me. This year, you can make it easy for the kids to get you something for your hobby, or just to wear when you are mowing the lawn or darning a pair of GI socks...

Visit the WWII PX Shop at CafePress ( ) for over 100 designs for the reenactor, historian or entheusiast. Some are original designs while many are copies of designs seen in period photos. CafePress prints your items to order, so you can always get your size or the quantity you want.

Designs range from Camp and Posts, Division or Regimental designs, Branch of Service (yes MEDICAL) and even NGOs like Red Cross, etc. Explore the site and let us know if there is a design you want that we don't show - it can probably be created for you.

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