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Medical Carps blankets

Fri Feb 07, 2014 15:24

I am working with a woolen mill (Faribault Woolen Mill) on another project, and they told me about a project they took on a few years ago at the request of the veteran community: "Can you re-make the blanket that I was issued when I was in the hospital?" Apparently the veterans remembered those crème wool blankets they were issued when recovering, and wanted a new one to take home. ... cream.html

With this blanket in production, they were told by other veterans "my blanket was green, not white - what about us?" So they dusted off the specs (yes, they were a supplier in WWI and WWI) and here is the green Medical Corps blanket. ... green.html

These are probably in the area of "reproduction" items, but when made by the original maker to the original spec, it may fall onto it's own class of a "re-issued" item. These are not cheap, but appear to be a very high quality product with the proper markings. I have suggested that they add the proper QM oilcloth tag to the blanket, and that change is under consideration.

I thought the Forum members might want to be aware of this item - while not a WWII dated, this can offer an original pattern blanket that you can use without fear of ruining an original artifact. I'm ordering a crème one to wrap up in front of the fireplace on these cold Colorado nights...
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Re: Medical Carps blankets

Mon Feb 10, 2014 21:04


Thanks for kindly sharing these items with us. Unfortunately, I don't think the markings are quite right on these. I am yet to find solid evidence that the caduceus flanked with U.S. was in use pre-1945. All of the Blankets I have seen (both cream / maroon and OD) bearing the UcaducesS marking have been post-war. Do you know if Fairbault have any specifications regarding the markings that confirm their use pre-1945?

This would certainly solve a mystery often asked by collectors and re-enactors... Any help would be gratefully received.

Ben Major
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Re: Medical Carps blankets

Wed Feb 12, 2014 09:56


As Ben, I consider every USMD item showing a caduceus as "post-wwII"... Most of the items I've seen showing the caduceus were also showing the 1947 item codification (when item codification is available on the item).

Any information about the specs would be appreciated !


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