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Typical view of a Field Hospital, with numerous Hospital Ward Tents, Pyramidal Tents, and Small Wall Tents, the majority of which carry a large circular Geneva Convention or Red Cross marker for identification 

Welcome to the WW2 US Medical Research Centre. We hope that your stay here is a long and enjoyable one. The site is a work-in-progress, designed to offer an excellent research utility to anyone interested in WW2 United States Army Medical history.

The site was founded by two World War 2 medical collectors and re-enactors from Europe, frustrated by the lack of comprehensive research tools for this area of WW2 History. The site originally started out as a database of United States Medical Department Item numbers and descriptions.

The founders hope that you find the site useful, and really would welcome any comments that you may have regarding the site. Please feel free to contact us using the "Contact" page found here.

Please use the navigation menu to your left to navigate around the site, and please feel free to leave us your comments and feedback in the Guestbook.

Many thanks for your visit,
Alain S. BATENS and Ben C. MAJOR.

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Download: First Aid in Flight - 1944 added.
Monday 21st April, 2014
A new download has been added to the site. This one is …

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618th Medical Clearing Company Unit History added.
Friday 11th April, 2014
With the precious assistance of Bob Berwick, son of Maj…

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Medical Detachment, 253d Infantry Regiment Unit History updated.
Thursday 3rd April, 2014
With the precious assistance of Colonel Frederick C. Cl…

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Various Unit Histories updated.
Friday 28th March, 2014
Based on recent discovery and receipt of extra data and…

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120th Station Hospital Unit History added.
Wednesday 26th March, 2014
With the precious assistance of the late Lynn F. McNult…

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"Ode to the Medics"

(Poem by Cpl John Readey, Cp. Stoneman, Calif.)
(Cp. Stoneman, Pittsburg, California, was a staging area for the San Francisco P/E during World War II)

"They give me shots for tetanus;
For typhoid, I get three!
The yellow fever is an excuse
For one more hole in me."

"They stick the needle in me dry;
They stick it in me wet.
They punch me full of holes, it seems,
At every chance they get."

"Typhus, measles, housemaid's knee,
There's shots for ev'ry thing;
Fallen arches, leprosy:
Boy, those shots do sting!"

"Sometimes those vampires stick me good
Right in a vein of me,
And then they take a pint of blood
And smile with fiendish glee."

"Oh, I haven't been in battle, yet;
In war I haven't starred.
But if you saw the holes in me,
You'd swear I'm battle scarred!"

(Courtesy "Yank-The Army Weekly" 1942)

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